Saturday, January 24, 2009

Libi's party

Today we celebrated Liliana's second birthday with friends and family.Little Missy was dressed all in a Tinkerbell green dress and leggings. We accented the look with a Tink tiara (Mommy wore one too) and fairy shoes. Just to stress the point that this party was to celebrate the big 0-2 she showed Jammy with her fingers her age.As usual, I got too much food but I don't think anyone left hungry :) We enjoyed sandwiches, chips, fruit, and of course CAKE!!!As part of our ode to the Strassners, Tinkerbell popped out of this cake. I accidentally forgot to put her arms up like the infamous stripper cake, but it was the same idea. Libs was all ready to blow out her candles, but she still isn't a huge fan of so many folks singing to her.The one thing there is no doubt about is that she loves to eat her cake. Today she also indulged in a sucker-- which is really a treat since she usually only gets them from Doctor.She gots lots of amazing gifts: books, Tinkerbell stuff, an Eeyore rocking horse, clothes, and this hat and mitten set

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Amy said...

The cake comment is too funny! I'll never live that down...
We had a great time at the party! Happy 2nd birthday to Libi!!