Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

As is our Super Bowl tradition, today found us in Palmdale at the Limon's house. We went all dressed in cardinal red, in the hopes that it would help the underdogs-- alas it didn't work!It was nice to see the family AND to spend more time with Andrea. Look at those two siblings-- aren't they sweet?Libs was in fine form yelling, "Go Birdies" (since she couldn't say Cardinals) and "Touchdown" whenever the mood struck her! She found a friend-- a girl who was about 8 years old called Danmarie. The two of them tumbled, bounced and played together. Leave it to Uncle Jose to have a cool contraption for Libs to try. During half time he got out this scooter to take Libi around their yard it. It was funny to watch her get rides from all of the adults-- even Grammy took her on a spin!

On our way out Aunt Anne pulled me aside and said we were doing a nice job with Libi-- it was one of the nicest compliments I've ever recieved! She and Jose are such amazing parents that to have them say we're doing OK was a real blessing!

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