Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rainy Thursday...

Today was a very rainy day in the Santa Clarita Valley. However it is always fairy weather in the Ippolito house. When Jammy and Granpa arrived, Libi insisted on going for a wagon ride. Sadly it was raining outside so Granpa took her up and down the runway.Before I went to my scrapbook meeting, Libi and I decided to bake some banana bread. We make quite a team in the kitchen-- in our matching aprons.Libs is getting really good at pouring and stirring.The bread came out very tasty!!! If you would like a loaf just send you requests to me :)
Tomorrow we get ready to say goodbye to Granpa and Daddy as they embark on their Lincoln Extravaganza. We will miss them, but Jammy, Libi and I will have fun :)

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