Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy 200th Birthday Mr. Lincoln!!

This morning we were lucky enough to have breakfast with Meme, Pop Pop and Little Grandma (a.k.a. Bonnie, Jim and Marge) at IHOP. It was so nice to sit with all of them and catch up. Tinkerbell got to come too! Libs was very excited to open more Birthday gifts! Little Grandma got her a Golden Book and Meme and Pop Pop gave her a Borders card to pick out some more books. She is so lucky to have so many extended family members who love her!!!Libs new favorite at IHOP is the create a face pancake. She eats the whipped cream first, then the fruit, and then the pancake-- very systematic!Daddy brought back this hat from Springfield-- Libs has been wearing it and sharing it with everyone since last night. I'm not exactly sure why he would buy something with a whistle attached---- I'm even less certain as to why Ron tried to teach her how to blow the darn thing last night!!! I guess that Daddy's sometimes don't think of the Mommy's who are at home all day listening to these things :)Tonight Jammy took a turn watching Libs so Ron and I could go on our Valentine's date-- or our Lincoln's 200th Birthday celebratory dinner-- whichever you prefer.Here we are after a dinner at Rattlers in Sam's Club! To round out the night we also went luggage shopping in Kohl's-- aren't we wild and crazy???

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