Saturday, February 7, 2009

I'm tired!!!

I was up early today to say goodbye to the boys. Miss Libi (who spent much of the night in our bed) decided to spend the rest of the morning perpendicular to me at knee level. Thus I didn't really return to sleep for fear that I would roll over onto her.

When we did come downstairs Miss Libs decided to have a birthday party for her princess dolls. More and more folks kept coming to the party: Mickey, the dwarfs, animals, etc.... I hope there was enough cake :)Next it was off to the tub. I love this action shot that Mom got-- just look at the water cascading off her! Mom is an amazing photographer (and I don't even have a giant screen to view the pictures on!)After her bath, she decided to mug for the mirror. I'm not sure where she gets her dramatic side-- I'm guessing it's from Ron-- but she loves to watch herself in mirrors and window reflections.Once she was dressed, Jammy gave her some sunglasses. She put them on and said, "Rock star!!" She was rocking the flower glasses!Next we were off to the mall for lunch, some shopping and a little time in the play yard. It was Mom's first time to experience the joys of the mall play ground: the kids who are too big knocking down all of the little kids, parents not paying attention, kids without socks running around with their stinky feet, and trying to keep your eye on your little one while all this is going on.While we were at the mall I couldn't resist these Minnie Mouse rain boots. Libi has been eyeing boots for quite some time and with all the wet weather this seemed like the perfect time to invest in some.Little Miss took the world's longest nap-- she just wouldn't wake up. The only way we could get her up was to promise her that she could bake after dinner. So we got all suited up-- aprons for the two of us and a chefs hat for Libi-- and set to bake sugar cookies.Chef Liliana took to the rolling pin like a pro! She rolled and cookie cuttered and decorated. Yeah! (That is a reference to ZeFronk on Playhouse Disney for those of you who don't know!)When we were done, Miss Libs shouted, "Ta-da!!" and insisted that we eat them. Sadly we had to bake them for 1o minutes before we could snack, but she managed to wait.

The boys are safely in Springfield and are getting ready for a big day tomorrow. Jammy, Libi and I are tired and heading to bed-- no telling what adventures the girls will have tomorrow!

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linc1809 said...

Hugs and kisses to our girls. We miss you already!! Love, Granpa and Daddy