Friday, February 13, 2009

A sniffly day...

Today Miss Libs had a really runny nose! We spent most of the day trying to wipe her nose and trying to stay warm.Libi was super excited that Emma came over for a bit in the morning so that Amy could volunteer in Ben's classroom. She was really looking forward to playing with her pal! The two girls colored and watched Tinkerbell-- it wasn't the most exciting visit ever, but we were happy that Emma came to play!Once Ben and Amy got back the real playing began. They went into the playhouse-- a Strassner favorite-- and then had a Birthday party with all the plastic figures. It was funny to see all of them in a circle around the singing cake.We rounded out the day by having lunch at Dink's Deli. Libi put cracker "hats" on all of her drink cups-- she was mighty proud of her creativity! The burgers were amazing-- the best ones outside of Stockton to be sure!

We were supposed to have dinner with Nana and Pop but due to the weather and Libs runny nose we decided not to go.

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