Friday, February 20, 2009

Music with Moira...

Today at music class in honor of our song "Splish, Splash" Ms. Moira brought out the water tubs. Luckily the tub that Libi was at wasn't too much into splishing and splashing so she didn't get too wet!There was an older boy in our class today-- their family was doing a make up. Libi walked up to him, said "Hi", and then proceeded to dance near or with him during every song. I don't think he liked all of the hand holding that Libi wanted to do with him, but the Moms all thought it was very sweet.During the middle of class Ms. Moira had to leave to help some workers in the back and Libi did not like this turn of events. She stood at the gate leading to the back yelling, "Miss Moira come in!!" She stuck right by Moira for the rest of the class so that she wouldn't leave again.This picture is so fun for me. Every week Libs selects what instrument I am going to play-- I know that when she's thirteen she won't care what I do, but for now she wants me to participate and I love it!!!

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