Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Picasso...

Today was quite low-key-- we got tons of housework done today! Libi did have her own hot dog for the first time today. I cut it into three smaller hot dogs to be more like finger food and she proceeded to remove dog from bun and eat it all separately!
Later in the evening it was tubby time! I decided it was high time to break out the tub paints that Aunt Andrea gave her for Christmas. They were messier than I was anticipating-- as evidenced by the red and blue splotches on my shirt-- but fun none the less.Libs wanted to play with the containers more than finger paint, but eventually she caught on.Notice how all of the other toys lay untouched while she explores this new way to make a mess!Here is the artist in action. To get this shot I was hanging suspended over the tub-- I would like some credit for my flexibility :)Before she got out she was able to try the smelly paint from Grammy and Grampy. When she went to smell the candy apple scent she got more than she bargained for-- notice her green nose. She greatly enjoyed rolling the ball over her feet-- I think we're going to have a girl who loved pedicures later in life!

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