Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Today we celebrated all the love we have for each other! Libs showed her love by yelling for Mommy at about 3 this morning. We spent the rest of the night jammed into bed together-- Mommy, Daddy, Tobee and Libi-- lots of LOVE!!Libi did show some love by sleeping in until nearly 10 a.m. When she finally went downstairs there were some Valentine's gifts waiting for her from Jammy and Granpa.Her favorite gift was really meant for tubby time-- it's a water trumpet. We need to work on the blowing and pressing on the keys-- Libs is more in a sucking mode and having Mommy press the keys to make sound. It will be fun to see what this sounds like in the tub when it actually has different pitches.Libs also got some new clothes which she threw all over the room. She did pause to try on the hat and attempted to put on the socks.

We said goodbye to Jammy and Granpa mid-day and Daddy and Libs took a really long nap! I used the time to work on the computer and catch up on more TV.As my gift to my wonderful family I made a sit-down dinner! We had tri-tip, scalloped potatoes, Texas toast and salad.Libs had her own heart-shaped plate complete with apples, cheese and toast all cut into hearts. She also had pasta in a heart-shaped dish-- very special!She did finagle some of Ron's sparkling cider-- it was her first time and I think she enjoyed the bubbles!After dinner, Grammy and Grampy came over for a visit. Libs loved opening her Valentine's gifts from them-- her blanket, plate and bath paint all seem like so much fun!She has lots of games she plays with them like "Baby Doll" and "1,2,3 Run" so there's lots of giggling going on when they're here!There was also much smiling because they brought dessert from Cold Stone Creamery!!! Libi and Daddy enjoyed the strawberry ice cream cake while I enjoyed my Shock-a-Cone that was purchased especially for moi!!!! I love it when my in-laws think of me!

Happy Valentine's Day to all from our family to yours!

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