Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Welcome to the 2's...

Today I got my real first taste of the terrible two's. Miss Lou Lou is beginning to tantrum at the drop of a hat when she doesn't get her way. This is highly frustrating to her mother and probably quite funny to all who are observing the spectacle.After a lovely lunch with Nana and Pop where Libs got some lovely Valentine's gift-- including a princess Hallmark card that sings a lovely princess song over and over and over and over-- we had a tantrum when it was time to go. She almost spent the night there as I couldn't get her out of the house. When we finally got out of the house she climbed into the passenger seat, across to the drivers seat and began to play with my buttons.Immediately after this picture I forcibly removed her from the drivers seat and carried her kicking and yelping to the backseat. When she got to her seat she was squirming so much that I couldn't buckle her in. At this point it was either laugh or cry-- so I chose to laugh... which might encourage the behavior.

Tonight at Skipper Club we had the same issue when it was time to leave the building. I hope that this is not a trend-- I can't take a whole year of this :)

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