Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rays and starfish and sharks.... oh my!!!!

Today we were lucky enough to spend the day with the Strassner's at the Long Beach Aquarium. It was the first time that our family had been there, so we were really excited to see what they had there!She wore this sunny outfit-- which was the best idea! She was very much the explorer at the aquarium and it was easy to spot our little yellow blur as she ran from tank to tank.Libi loved watching the fish swim. We need to work on our fish identification though because she thought all the big fish were either whales or dolphins-- oops!Daddy requested that we feed the lorakeets. We went there first thing so the birds were very hungry. None of the kids would hold the food, but Howard, Ron and I enjoyed the task!They had lots to touch there-- sharks,rays,and tide pool animals (starfish, anemone, urchins, and sea cucumbers.)We had lunch at Bubba Gumps where Ron aced the trivia on the movie. Howard and I each chimed in with an answer or two, but Ron knew EVERYTHING!! It was kinda scary how much he knew about the flick.

We did not realize it, but the kids meal came with blue Jello. Libi has never experienced blue Jello, but she greatly enjoyed it!!! She licked the cup clean-- just like the lorakeets! Silly girl!

I wonder what our next adventure with the Strassner's will be? Is it bug time yet?

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