Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stop this ride I wanna get off!!!

Today was a crazy, busy day! I think I need to take this weekend and simply do nothing to recover from the past few chaotic days!We began the morning at our Mom's Club Valentines party.... nearly 30 kids and less than 20 adults.... need I say more???Libi and I got to do some crafts, which were fun. She made a Valentine holder, a card for Nana and Pop and a special Valentine for Daddy!

Then we stopped by the house briefly to let Mom grab her car and for me to grab stuff for Skipper Club (as a just in case) in the evening.

We then followed Mom to Burbank so she could drop off a car for the boys who changed their flights and came in early.

Next was lunch with Nana and Pop. Libi used the power of both Jammy and Nana to help her open her cards from her friends. She felt so lucky to get such nice cards and 2 lollipops!!!You can see the focus she had while opening these things. I think she wanted to do it right the first time, since you can't do something like this over again!!

We left lunch in plenty of time to make it to Skipper Club for set up and the Guide Appreciation Dinner, however a fatality and car fire on the freeway had other plans for us. It took almost 2 hours to make a 20 minute drive so needless to say we did not make it to the start of Pioneer Club (or to the appreciation meal!) I'm so lucky to have thrown the stuff into the car earlier in the day!!!It was fun to have Ron, Jammy and Granpa all at her awards ceremony! The past unit was all about parents so we asked the kids what they loved about their parents. My darling daughter said she likes "hanging out with Daddy"-- I'm certain she heard another kid say hanging out becuase that's not something she says regularly!

We gave each of the kids mic time to say "I love you Mommy and Daddy", but my sweetie says, "I love you Daddy!!" What am I? Chopped liver???

Once we got home Ron said to Libs, "Tell Mommy you love her" she said love you Jammy, Tobee, Daddy, then finally Mommy. Well at least I know where I rank-- somewhere below the dog! Today that feels about right!!

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