Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ash Wednesday..

was a very full day! Libs and I departed the house this morning for our weekly trip to Nana and Pop's house. She chatted and sang for a while, then complained that her hat wasn't on correctly and then fell asleep!!! Yep, she took her nap at 11 a.m. this morning!!!It only lasted about 40 minutes, but she woke up cranky and tantrumed for about 20 more minutes afterward. When she did snap out of it she had a great time visiting with her great-grandparents.She colored with Nana, played with Pop, and opened the annoying Christmas boxes (which I think are about to die.)We both enjoyed the nice weather and wore springy outfits-- sadly mine was sans hat! Libs wore her first long skirt ever today and she managed to climb, run and even sit nicely in it!
To help get her in the car, Pop gave her some flowers to smell on the way home. She spent the entire ride home smelling them, waving them like a wand and enjoying the sweet white flowers from her Pop. She even kept saying "Flowers from Pop!" over and over!

We went straight from Van Nuys to Santa Clarita to run some errands before Ash Wednesday services at St. Stephens. It was great to have a child friendly service for Libi. She was sad that there was not singing but she actually liked getting the ashes on her head and the "church cookie"-- a.k.a. the communion wafer in Libi-speak!

Post church we went to VUMC for a shortened Pioneer Club tonight. We had more parent volunteers than ever, which just goes to show that people will help you if they don't have to work very long or hard.

Tonight is Idol and the finale of Top Chef-- so we will be watching TV for hours, but I'm so excited to see how it all goes.

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