Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kidspace with Mom's Club...

It was an early morning for us as I was in charge of another Mom's club field trip. I have to brag for a moment about my daughter being the best traveler. We have been all over in our car lately and stuck in traffic for most of our travels but little Missy never complains. She might ask for her favorite music-- Doodlebops or Mamma Mia are car favs-- but other than that she is a pleasant traveling companion!We arrived early-- I don't know why I do, none of the other parents do-- so I let Libs try out the playground across from the museum. We stuck to the older kid area because it was closer to the parking lot and easier for me to see the gang arrive, but she bravely tried out some new apparatus.

I think my favorite thing that she did all day was cross the balance beam. This was about a foot off the floor with two springs to make it bounce, but my brave girl went across on her third try. The first time she only went two steps, the second time she got to the spring and stopped, but the third time she went all the way, only holding my hand. I'm sad that nobody was here to capture this milestone on film but I thought it was more important to hold her hand than to be her personal paparazzi!The nice thing about going on these trips is that we hand our cameras around to other Mommy's and get into the pictures with our kids! Here Libs and I are near the vine climbing area-- we forgot how much fun we have a Kidspace! If anyone who is reading this wants to go with us-- we are game!The kids had a great time together and they even posed for several pictures together-- not an easy task when you have 7 kids ranging from 1 year to 4 years old. I got some really fun shots of Libs and the other kids-- you can check those out at our family photo site.

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