Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My book worm...

This morning my darling little girl throws on a shirt that I left on the sofa, looks at me and says "Super Hero!" I'm guessing she said this because her Mommy is a super hero--- either that or she liked the way it flapped in the wind like a cape.During Playhouse Disney this morning "Can You Teach My Alligator Manners" went to the library. A very inquisitive Libs asked what it was-- when I told her it was a place full of books, she asked to go. For the remainder of the morning all I heard was "libary, libary, libary"-- it is a hard word to say-- so we got dressed and headed down the hill to the Canyon Country Library.Libi and I both got new library cards (I haven't been to check anything out of a library since high school, so I certainly needed a new card!) She tried to sign her own name on the application, but I had to stop her :)Once in the children's section she made herself right at home: looking at books, playing with the puzzles and toys, and she even sat down next to a mother and son who were reading together so she could hear the Mickey Mouse story too.I tried to convince her not to take books off the shelf, but this one really appealed to her. She grabbed it off the shelf, sat down, and "read" me the story. The book was about a samuri, but she told a different story entirely-- I just love her imagination!

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