Monday, February 2, 2009

Groundhog Day...

Cindy just reminded me as we sit here cropping that today is Groundhog Day. Actually Cindy's daughter told her it was Groundhog Day-- she learned all about it in Kindergarten... they even made groundhogs! Since I despise that movie, I guess it just slipped my mind so thanks Tori for the reminder.Today we really began to sprout on our Chia pet. The Lopez family was kind enough to give Libi an elephant Chia pet for Christmas-- not knowing about my black thumb (which I inherited from my darling mother!)It is sprouting on both sides, thank you very much! I am bound and determined that my daugther's first Chia pet will be a success! It doesn't help that Ron taught her the "Chi-Chi-Chi-Chia Pet" song that Libi sings whenever she sees it sitting on the window sill.
Last, but not least I am done with the thank you notes from Libi's second birthday party. They will be in the mail tomorrow-- yippee!!!

Today it's all about the little things for me-- Libi and I ran errands and she was a dream, Ron skipped his meeting and came home to spend time with us, and I got tons of stuff done!! All is good on More Court!

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