Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Libi is 3 months old...

Today Libi is 13 weeks old, so she is now officially 3 months old. We spent the day in our usual Wednesday way--- at Nana and Pop's. Libi showed off all of her new skills-- she sat up, was really alert, and talked to her great-grandparents. Jammy was able to come down after her eye appointment.... the more the merrier!

We came home and poor Daddy forgot that he had a dinner meeting to honor his principal, so he had precious little time at home. Jammy and I decided to go out to dinner at BJ's. It was a nice dinner and Mommy saw her friend Pam from work.

Jammy and I are home now watching "Thank God You're Here" and waiting for Daddy to come home. Tomorrow Jammy reports for jury duty so we'll let you know how long she'll be at our house after she gets home.

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