Wednesday, April 4, 2007

A very booked Wednesday...

Libi slept from 9:30 p.m. to 7 a.m. and it's a good thing- we have a very busy day today. This morning Libs was fed breakfast by Mommy and Jammy. We then got ready for our day-- today we have a nail appointment, a lunch date, and Mommy has a hockey game to go to with Granpa.

We ran over to get our nails done with Jammy's nail girl, Patty. It was nice for Mommy to get a manicure-- she doesn't do that very often. While Jammy got her nails done, Mommy and I went to the 99 cent store. We didn't buy anything, but several people said that Libs was "beautiful"!

After Jammy and Mommy we beautified we went to lunch with Renia at CPK. Libs was a bit fussy, but after Jammy walked her around the mall she slept through the rest of lunch.

The girls at the nail place told Jammy about a photo place that takes Easter pictures with real bunnies-- so after lunch we ran over there. It was a little one-hour photo place with a small studio on the side. The man who took the photos seemed a bit strange at first, but he was really good with Libi. When I get home on Friday, I'll scan in the photos in and put them on Picasa-- they are really cute!

We then came home to spend more time with Renia, but Mommy was very tired so she and Libi took a nap instead. We even decided not to go to the hockey game tonight because of Mommy's tired state!

This evening we will eat chicken in the wok-- a Granpa specialty-- and then we'll watch the American Idol results show.

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