Monday, August 10, 2009

Sprinkles and Swimming

Today we drove down to Beverly Hills with Laura and Courtney.We were gals on a mission-- to try Sprinkles cupcakes.We decided to make it more of an event by having lunch first at....the Beverly Hills Diner (where else can you eat for under $20 with little kids in the Hills???)It was a great day to sit outside-- especially when you have two screechy girls!The burgers were good but the onion rings were AMAZING!!!!Libi enjoyed her chicken strips much more than this picture lets on.A little bit of dancing and a short walk later we arrived at the promised land....There was a small line when we arrived, but by the time we left the line was out the door and down the block.The girls took their selections very seriously!They got stickers and I snapped this darling picture-- I think I should send it in to Sprinkles so they can use it on their ads!The girls sat at the counter while Laura and I paid for our rather expensive treats!Libs and I split a cinnamon and sugar cupcake-- it was quite yummy!Mommy made this strategic selection since there was no frosting on it-- less mess = one happy Mommy!One more pose in front of the store...then back home for a quick nap before....swim lessons with Miss Karen.Here is a very excited little girl. She is watching Cade-- the other child in her class-- and kicking like Miss Karen asked her to.When she finally got in the water she was good and happy for a few minutes.

You can hear her say, "Hi Mommy, Hi Daddy!" Then things start to get hairy....

Here she is screaming for us-- but in a very unhappy way :)Now the tears begin and the forceful "NO!" when Miss Karen asks her to do something.She would cry during her time in the water, then be perfectly fine while she sat on the steps waiting for Cade to be done.Hopefully today will be better, but it wasn't too bad for only a 45 minute nap.

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