Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A day full of school.....

"Oh my goodness!" Is one of Libi's favorite phrases, but today it was me who was saying it as I took beginning of the year pictures of Libi as she embarked on her first day of Preschool.While it was only a practice day and I had to stay with her, I still considered it to be her first day of school.She was SO excited!!! Clapping and chattering on non-stop about school and learning. Ron and I are thrilled that she loves school as much as we did (and do!)I couldn't resist being "that Mom" and taking pictures by the sign-- I'll probably do it again next week when she's in her little first-day-of-school dress :)I was a good helper in the classroom today and didn't take any pictures (you know it was killing me to not document every second!)

She did amazingly well!!

On her first day she:
-Loved Miss Sabrina and Miss Carole who were in charge of the Monkeys (of which Libi is one) and the Owls today
-Poured her own juice (and didn't spill)
-Served herself a snack
-Went to the big bathroom (but would only wash her hands)
-Colored a picture with the brand new Crayons (Miss Carole was trying to figure out her handed-ness and she kept switching her crayons from right to left hand-- so we still don't know)
-Played on the yard with the new basketballs
-Held hands with some new friends-- Natalie, Rosie, Sara, and Solea
-Did calendar and songs on the carpet
-Ate popsicles for Dominics birthday) he is a panda, but he brought enough for everyone!
-Didn't want to leave when it was time to go!After a nap for both Mommy and Libi it was back to the pool.There was a little crying at first. Libi's big problem is that she isn't blowing out all of her air when she comes up from swimimng so her belly gets full of air. Miss Karen is really working on her breathing so that she can be under water longer.She tried to escape from the pool today, but Miss Karen was quick and grabbed her.Due to her full-of-air tummy Miss Karen put her on the side of the pool in case she decided to throw up. This is the look of "Mommy come save me" but I was hiding behind a magazine, a camera and an iPhone-- I'm not supposed to interact with her during lessons.By the end of the day she wasn't crying and she jumped in from the stairs. Miss Karen is amazing and worth every cent we are paying her!!!!

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