Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My baby is a school girl!!

Today Libs enjoyed her first day as an official pre-schooler.I had to do a photo shoot in her sweet dress with the darling sign I made.Poor Libs must think that she needs to pose with the school sign before she enters school every day.I had so much stuff in the car that I had to grab, so I made Libi stand by the gate. She decided to keep on posing, so I got a few more shots.Inside Libs was thrilled to see Ben and his friend Madison.

Here are a few of the teachers at the school:Miss Cindy teaches the Panda Pals-- that's Ben's class.Miss Sabrina teaches the Hootin' Owls and assists with the Mischievous Monkeys (that's Libi's group.)Miss Carole is the preschool director and she is acting as teacher for the Monkey's while their teacher is sick.At the end of every day the teachers write on a white-board all of the days activities.Here is the monkey that Libi made...she is very proud of its tail, eyes and nose.After lunch the kids have a few minutes to play while the parents sign them out.After a quick hug for me-- she was off with her friends! The girl she was twirling around the pole with above is Natalie and the girl she is talking to in this picture is Noelle (she was the first girl to hug Libi on her first day of school.)Libi climbed under this apparatus with a girl named Faith.A few minutes later Miss Sabrina was taking them both out of their hiding spot and giving them a stern talking to. You can see how my darling daughter is trying to squirm her way out of getting reprimanded. Apparently Libi was hitting Faith and Faith was laughing, so they were both needing a chat. Oye! First the drinking fountain and now play hitting-- yikes!!Regardless of all that we both survived the first day!!Nap time was heaven as Libs slept for over 2 hours! When she woke up it was time to swim again!She is really moving through the water, except for today's newest obstacle of her shaking her head back and forth as she swam.She still loves swimming and Miss Karen. When you ask her about school she will tell you about Miss Karen (she has had more lessons with her than her preschool teachers at this point.)Today they tried floating for the first time.... Libi wasn't a fan, but once she was ready to swim again she was a happy gal!

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Stacy said...

Yey, first day of school. I love her little polka dot dress. So cute.