Monday, August 17, 2009

The calm before the storm....

Libi and I laid low most of the day trying to conserve our energy for this really big week.We did very little before swimming lessons this afternoon, but it was all worth it. Libs is moving through the water like a little dart!!She is even trying to come up for breaths like the older kids, even though Miss Karen doesn't want her to.I had to pin her bangs back because she was pushing them out of her eyes when she was underwater instead of doing her strokes.These are the torpedo arms which Libi practices all the time. Today in class she only did them one at a time which made us all laugh, but I'm sure she'll get them coordinated soon :)She is so proud of herself and we are super proud of her!!!

Tomorrow is a very big day in our home...-sign for first day pictures-- check
-tuition check-- check
-cameras charged-- check
-outfit selected-- check-book for her cubby in case she gets lonely-- check
-washed outfit to replace the one she got changed into when she decided to play in the drinking fountain-- check
-toilet paper rolls and egg cartons-- check-gifts and cards for teachers, wrapped and ready to go-- check
-tissues for Mommy-- check!!

Tomorrow my post will be all about Lib's first real day of preschool. I wish I could be a fly on the wall to see all the new things she's going to do, all the new friends she's going to make, possibly all the trouble she's going to get into (her mischievous streak is from her Daddy!) Ron and I are so excited for Libi to start on her educational journey-- can't wait to share it with you tomorrow!!

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Helen said...

Can't wait for you to share it with us! Give Libs hugs and kisses on her first day of pre-school from Jammy and Granpa! We love all of you and Heather you have outdone yourself with the things you have made! What a great mom you are!