Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Here we go again...

Today we visited Nana and Pop for lunch, but I didn't take any photos!!! I know how shocking that is, but I promise to do better when we see them on Saturday!I attended a Pioneer Club training meeting this evening. Yes, I'm doing Skippers again! We have 16 kids who need someone to teach them the tree song :)

While I was there I asked Ron to take some pics of Libs. They were having too much fun to do this, so Daddy took some pictures of Libs sleeping.We don't do this often enough as she looks so cute all bunched up in her bed.I love the 7 or 8 toys and dolls that are next to her-- she keeps adding to the collection so pretty soon there won't be room for her!My favorite photo is this very artsy one! Ron is such a good photographer and an amazing Dad!!!

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