Saturday, August 29, 2009

MOPS and dinner with Nana and Pops

I spent the day with my MOPS friends preparing for the upcoming year.Here I am with the girls on my team: Lisa, Christine, Suzanne, and me!You might not know that I am a super competitive girl... we had a scavenger hunt around the church and my amazing team WON!!! Here we are showing off all 26 of the envelopes we found and the phrase we solved. I was so lucky to have such a motivated team with me!!While I was at VUMC Libs was hanging at the house with Jammy, Granpa and Daddy.Aunt Valerie from Stockton made Libi several new dresses that she had to model.She takes direction very well for her photo shoots...and then she convinces others to pose with her!I just love this one!!!Mommy even got in on the act!A huge thank you to Aunt Valerie! She made two other dresses that we will hopefully have Libs model tomorrow.Once we woke Daddy up it was off to dinner at Nana and Pop's house.Ron and I even got in on the Play-doh fun. I made milk and cookies while Ron made a little pink man.Before dinner there were carrots to be picked. This has become one of Libi's favorite pass-times...
even though the carrots aren't too big!
It was so nice to spend the evening hanging out with Granpa,
and Pop! It was such a fun way to celebrate Nan and Pop's 61st wedding anniversary.

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