Friday, August 28, 2009

Play date, a fire and Chili's

This morning Mommy's dear friend Suzanne came over with her son Nicholas for a play date. The kids had a lot of fun playing side by side-- not really together.We are trapped inside our house due to the awful air quality. The fires in La Canada are spreading towards us and the smoke is getting blown our way. At one point today it was almost dark as night outside-- very eerie!On the bright side Jammy and Granpa came into town today. We all braved the air to have dinner at Chili's-- thank goodness Jammy had her inhaler handy!Libi is getting to be a pro at posing folks for pictures, here she is squishing us together for a photo.For dessert tonight we got a chocolate lava cake...or should I say, Libi got a chocolate lava cake. Before we could really get a bite Libs was taking huge spoonfuls. I guess she got Mom's sweet tooth!

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