Thursday, March 12, 2009

Once Upon a Time...

there was a princess.... That is the way I began my day. Libi opened up her Aristocats book as I was getting her dressed and she told her own story. It was so cute to have her "reading" books to me-- it won't be too long until she can really read to me (sigh!)

When we left the house for music class Libi said goodbye to everyone and everything in the house. "Goodbye sheets, goodbye bed, goodbye Tobee, goodbye apples." Nearly every object in our house was mentioned as we drove down the hill.When we got to this class I was pleased to see one of my old high school choir buddies-- Becky Jones. She was there with her daughter, Abby-- it was so nice to see them both.My drummer girl was in fine form today! She loved that Miss Moira gave her sticks to play the drums. There was no child louder in class today-- Nana would've been proud.Libs enjoyed some bubbles-- or at least she thought she was. Miss Moira replaced the bubbles with water for those kids who like to suck on the wands. After a longer-than-usual nap, we picked up....BEN!!!! Emma and Howard were on their way to New York and Amy had parent conferences so we had the pleasure of watching Ben. We went to the park...where Ben took some very artistic photos with my camera. I especially like this one he took looking down the slide.Ben's favorite thing at the moment is Star Wars. We watched Empire Strikes Back and had some light saber fun. Libi tried to be like Ben using her Mickey Mouse glow sword.

It was a really fun night-- we can't wait for Ben to come over again.

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