Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fun at the house...

While Jammy left this morning to pick up some things from Stockton, we got to play with Granpa!After a short trip to Sam's Club to grab some necessities and a nap (for both Libi and Granpa) I found Libi playing with Granpa.I thought that she was giving him a back-rub but they were playing the up and down game. Libi was (gently) pushing Granpa up and down while saying the proper words.The game concluded with a big hug! We are so glad Granpa is feeling so much better!To finish the day we had tubby time. Libs was really interested in her fishing pole today...especially the WORM on the end! This is a picture of her saying "Worm" in her big, deep voice.Daddy and Libs enjoyed a few moments of bonding while I came downstairs to blog.

I hope that folks who are reading about our life are enjoying our everyday adventures. I know that not every day is eventful, but every day is important to my little girl and I want her to remember all of the simple and special things she has done.

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Anonymous said...

Jammy loves the updates! It keeps us connected and we all know how important family is! Love you all!