Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Our routine resumes....

As it is Wednesday again we had lunch at Nana and Pop's house. It was so nice to see them again after missing them last week. We participated in the usual fun things we do weekly: coloring, reading the fairy book (over and over and over), watching Elmo with Pop, and having a yummy lunch (with a special dessert!)

Today Nana decided to go for a walk with Libs in the yard.

They picked a few flowers and did some exploring, but Libi wasn't too adventurous today...

After an almost three hour nap (during which Mommy was on the phone nearly the entire time) we headed to Pioneer Club.Today Libi was back on the stage-- she has spent the past few weeks hiding by me and not wanting to sing with her friends. Tonight she even helped the song leaders lead the song-- which was brave since it was the first time the kids ever heard this song.Michele and I are finally hitting our groove with our fourteen 2 and 3 year olds. It's sad that we only have two months to go, but our last months will go very smoothly!!

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