Wednesday, March 4, 2009

San Diego Day One

Today was our first full day in San Diego!Libi and I left Daddy to his safari stuff and we went to see.....SHAMU and his fishy friends!We were so lucky today-- the weather was gorgeous and we got to do lots of things we hadn't done before! Libi got to see the Beluga whales and polar bears in the Arctic Wild exhibit. Sadly the walruses were sleeping, but she liked all the critters she saw.The crowds were light so we walked on to all of the rides in Bay of Play. My adventurous girl went on all three rides, but didn't really enjoy any of them. She shook like a leaf and kept calling my name, but when I asked her if she wanted to try another one she ran to the entrance. She inherited her Dad's sense of adventure!Of course we saw the red man! He and Zoe were in the photo area all day so we didn't see any of the other folks Libi was excited about. She still loves Elmo-- ran right to him, hugged him, and danced with him.

We also experienced the 4-D Elmo show! I was worried that she wouldn't wear the glasses or that the special effects would freak her out, but she loved it!!! She kept asking to go back, but due to this being the off season the show times were really limited!We also fed the seals and sea lions for the first time. Libi wasn't really sure about the stinky fish and the feeding tubes were difficult to use so some birds got a good meal on our behalf!The big part of our day was seeing the Shamu show "Believe!" Libi was such a good audience member. She even clapped during the audience participation section!Mommy always cries during this show, but she masked it by taking some amazing pictures of Shamu and his buddies!While waiting for the crowds to clear at the end of the show Libi decided to try on my sunglasses. She looked so cute in them, I just had to share this photo!Daddy invited us to the first general session because they were having a drum circle and he thought Libs would enjoy it. We got to see an amazing performance by the Drum Cafe. Libi played on her bongo and danced through most of the session, but then crashed due to a very busy day about a half hour before it ended. Folks were amazed that she could sleep through something that loud but I'm thrilled that she can sleep through almost anything!Case in point: the evening festivities were right outside our balcony. A DJ, lots of intoxicated activities directors, and the din of a thousand people talking didn't stop her from falling fast asleep! Sweet dreams.

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