Friday, March 27, 2009

Princess LuLu

After some errands this morning and a short nap Libs and I watched Mamma Mia to get ready for our musical this evening. Libi decided to sing most of the songs into her microphone. This was the best $1.49 I've ever spent as she and any child who comes over seem to gravitate towards this toy.To continue the tradition of going to a Rio Norte Drama Production in character, Libs wore her Snow White dress for the show. Mommy accesorized it with her red shoes, a wand and an apple purse (that held some goldfish for a snack!)Libs looked like she could walk right on stage with all of the other princesses-- and everyone commented on how cute she was. After seeing a picture like this, who could argue with them??While the cast was doing a mic check, my little miss decided to go on stage with them. She was especially fond of the lady in waiting in the pink-- she walked right up to her and told me, "Take a picture!" I like a girl who knows what she wants!We were lucky enough to have the Strassner's join us for the show! Libs was thrilled that Emma was also all princessed up AND that she got to see two of her favorite boys, Howard and Ben!Before the show there was some serious hugging going (Libs hugged the stuffing out of Ben) and Libi showed Emma all around the theater.It was such a fun show!!! Lots of neat costumes, fun music and dancing-- even the kids were paying attention!After the show Libi got to meet Snow White-- she almost met her during the show, once Libi saw her on stage she yelled, "Snow White" and tried to take off to get her! She was asked by several people what princess she was, and she replied very matter of factly, "Princess Libi!!!" Well hello people???? Can't you see the obvious??The junior high kids are always so good with Libs. The star of the show even gave Libi a rose for being cute. She was thrilled to now have 2 wands with which to hit her Mom and Dad.We always have a good time at Aunt Gina's shows. I can't wait for the day that Libs gets to be on stage in a show of her own-- I only have to wait a few more months for the preschool Christmas program :)

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