Monday, March 23, 2009

A day with the Pee-Pee Princess....

Libi has been spending a lot of time with Jammy and Granpa this week-- so she is beginning to sound like them. Today she informed Jammy that the "Pee-Pee Princess had stinky pants!" That is a name that only Jammy calls her and now she has adopted it for herself. I'm just hoping that she doesn't introduce herself by this name when she starts preschool in the fall!What do you wear when you eat breakfast in the morning? In our house a tiara is standard attire for eating oranges and waffles. After breakfast it is customary to put the tiara on Granpa and call him "Silly!" Don't you wish you lived at our house?We got to show Jammy the new Target today. Libs went out sporting two pig tails which blew all over in the wind.Little Mischievious has gotten into quite a bit of trouble today. When we would warn her that she was doing something she wasn't supposed to do she would simply say, "Again?" and smile her silky smile.The only time Libs was quiet today was during a super long nap. Granpa took this awesome picture that makes her look so angelic!!!While I was scrapbooking with my pals, Libs spent some quality time with Jammy and Granpa before they leave tomorrow. She always asks Granpa to show her Lincolns on his computer and he manages to oblige.

Here's hoping that the sugar high Libs is on right now thanks to Jammy will wear off soon so she can get to bed!

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