Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A fun first and a not-so-fun first!

Today Miss Lou slept in very late. When she finally woke up I gave her the option of staying home or going to the park with Mom's Club-- you should be able to tell which one she chose. We had to fly out of the door to make it on time, but we got there.Today Libi really had fun on the teeter totter... check out her singing and bouncing!

I hope that I don't make you sick from this video-- I was the weight on the other end and the camera woman :)After a nap for both Libs and me we got dressed for Skipper Club.Tonight the kiddos got to play with clay-- a first for Miss Libs. We kept having to remind her not to eat it, but she seemed to enjoy it.While waiting for parents to come grab the kids for the awards ceremony Libi decided to dance with Joelle and Cole. It was very sweet to see her take hands with the kids and dance around the room.On the way to the church poor girl got tripped up and skinned her left knee. This is her very first one so it's highly sentimental for Mommy! I will try to get better pictures of it so we can record it for posterity.Tonight the kids got to do two things on the stage. First they did some sign language and sang the Skipper song-- see if you can hear when Miss Libs got the microphone!

After our short moment in the spotlight the kids got to sing the song "Yes Lord" for the crowd. Libi was full of energy and she decided to help conduct the show.

Moms were making comments about how cute my little girl is and if she is always this full of life. I was happy to respond that yes her energy level is nearly almost high and her joie de vivre is contagious!

Tonight when we finally got home Miss Libs picked up the phone and called Lucas. She was just like a teenager in love saying "Hiiiiiii Lucas" and then telling him all about her day. I had to call Dolly to warn her that her son is being pined for by a younger woman.

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