Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Carnival night

Today we got to see Cassie to get our bangs cut. Libs was the model of a perfect client-- she said "Hello" to Cassie, climbed into the chair, sat still during the clipping, then hopped down and gave Cassie a hug. What a big girl!!!After a nap and a visit to a clinic to have Libi's blood drawn we returned home. Libi decided to make this fashion statement-- gotta love Daddy's Keene's with a red tutu skirt!Pioneer Club tonight was a Spring Carnival. Libi decided to dress the part in her Thumper costume (well Mommy might have talked her into it!)We grabbed her goodie bag and went off to explore the carnival!One of our first stops was face painting. Libi got a nose and whiskers painted on by a very sweet teenager.Then we were off to decorate cookies. I was impressed that this wasn't the messy affair I was invisioning it to be!When it came to the games Libi took the easy route-- placing the bean bags and ping pong balls in the holes instead of throwing them.Thumper wanted to swing-- you should have seen me trying to stuff her in the seat! She was so happy, she kept saying, "Off to Neverland!" and sqealing for joy!She did some climbing on the play equipment and culminated the adventure in a slide. I'm amazed that her tail didn't get in the way!Even I got into the spirit of the party!I believe that this was Libs first experience with cotton candy. At first she tried to lick it like a lollipop or ice cream cone and then she realized she could bite it. Since she was only eating one side of it it beagn to fall on the floor-- causing Mommy to take it away before a huge mess was made. This lead to.....a major melt down!!! Too much fun plus a very short nap lead to tantrum time!
We met up with Daddy for dinner at our favorite new spot, the Canyon Country Chili's! Libs was so glad to see her Daddy that she demanded, "Take a picture!" I'm always happy to oblige with that request!

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