Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hello from New Jersey!!

Well we have completed the New York leg of our tour. We are tired but we all had a great time!! In the past 48 hours we have: flown across the country, taken a boat around the Statue of Liberty, seen the "Night at the Museum" museum, seen "In the Heights", experienced the view from the Top of the Rock, toured NBC studios, shopped 5th Avenue, and dealt with the drama of 43 teenagers. We have had other experiences but I'm not good enough on my iPhone keypad to type more. If you want to see lots more of the trip check out

Libi is having fun with Jammy and Granpa. Jammy posted pictures on Picasa of their adventures.

Last night I called to check in on everyone and I got to talk to Libi on the phone. As we were saying our goodbyes my sweet little girl said, "Bye, bye Mommy. Love you. Sweet dreams." Let me tell you, that little sweetie really knows how to tug at Mommys heart strings.

Love you LouLou!!!

Now that I'm home I thought I would add some photos and more information to this post. Enjoy!

Part 1: Heather and Ron

We ate breakfast in a cute deli next to our hotel and then headed off to Top of the Rock.I was lucky enough to have Lucas, my former student, on the trip with us. He made lots of new friends and got to explore some cool places with us.
The views from the roof were amazing! I had never done this before so I really enjoyed myself!Next was the NBC studio tour. We couldn't take any photos on the tour but we did get one in before the tour started. If you look closely you can see the outfit that Meryl Streep wore in Mamma Mia-- it made us smile and think of Libi.

The cool thing about the tour was that you got to sit in the studios for Brian Williams Nightly News, SNL, and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Since Ron and I are such big fans of 2 out of the three shows it was cool to see the studios in person.While the kids did a walking tour of Central Park Ron and I hoofed it to Levain Bakery to buy some scrumptous cookies!They were so big that Ron and I split one, but they were so ooey gooey on the inside that I could've eaten a dozen.The kids posed in front of the Friends statue before we moved on to the next adventure.I was thrilled to get into FAO Schwarz-- what a huge store! I managed to grab a Sizzles doll for Libi (he's the dog from Charlie and Lola!)Our final New York stop was to HB Brewery for dinner. Here are the chaperones plus...Shanna Mann (another of Ron's former students) who is now teaching middle school in New York.After a little bus ride to Philadelphia we went to the Madcap Theater history show. The two stars are also the writers and owners of the company.They made Ron wear a veil and give birth on stage, so I really enjoyed it!!!!They were nice enough to pose for a picture with all of our kids after the show-- they really had fun!

Part 2: Libi

Today Libi went to visit Nana and Pop for dinner.She played with her firetruck,read the fairy book with Nana, tight rope walked in the backyard, and decorated a chicken with flowers. Isn't that what all kids do when they visit their great grandparents?Before bed what was Libi reading??? A Sesame Street Cookie Cook Book from Aunt Andrea. Maybe that's why she keeps wishing everyone "Sweet dreams" because she's learning all about cookies before bed?

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