Thursday, April 23, 2009

Noah's Ark at the Skirball

Today we met up with some MOPS Mommy's at the Skirball Center to see Noah's ark.As you can see, Miss Libs looked adorable in her green spring dress.She was pretty upset that she didn't get to put on a sticker for the exhibit so I gave her a Tinkerbell sticker from the diaper bag. She proceeded to stick it on her nose and think it was hilarious!!!The first animal we saw was a mingo! You may notice that all of the animals are made with recycled materials. This one in particular has a purse body, fly swatter feet, comb feathers and its wings are a bow from a bow and arrow.The exhibit was amazing!!! The ark was huge and there were a million things for the kids to do.There was a little ark where the animals were two by two. Libi enjoyed moving them around and feeding them.Sadly when it was our time to have our picture taken on the camel (like every other mommy from our group) this was the reaction I got!!!! YIKES!!They had mops, brooms and dust pans to help clean the ark which Libs loved moving them around! She also greatly enjoyed picking up the pretend poop they occasionally put out on the floor. When she noticed it she looked at me with the, "I know I'm not supposed to touch this" look. She knew that she wasn't supposed to use her hands so she grabbed a broom, held it in one hand, and picked it up the poop with her other hand. Maybe I need to show her how to use a dust pan :)They had a story time which was accented with musical instruments,and a plant craft that Libi got to do!I think our favorite animal was the zebra. Libi was quite a bit camera shy, but she did stand next to the zebra.Libi's favorite place in the ark was the kitchen. She even made a meal for her friend Desi. They were so cute together sitting at the table having a meal.On our way out we stopped in the comic book exhibit and Libs watched all the boys ride in the batmobile. We asked her if she wanted to ride and she flatly said, "NO!" I think that she figured it was a boys thing so she didn't want to do it.

All in all it was a great day!!!

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