Friday, April 3, 2009

Farewell Friday!

This morning we returned to music class to begin a new class.Libi was thrilled to see her friend Wyatt! Wyatt's mom, Sandra, and I are interning in the class so we can begin to teach in the fall. It should be interesting only having 5 families in this class (including Libi and I and Wyatt and Sandra) and 3 teachers!Libs wanted to see "Jo Jo" at class today. When I asked her who that was she said, "You know, 'Trot Old Jo. Whoa Jo!!'" That was a song from the last class that she loved-- I had to explain that we were getting new songs today.I think the new favorite song was the Ladybug song-- which I will be teaching in the coming weeks! Libi really loved the lady bug finger puppets we got to play with.It was nice to spend some one on one time with my cuddle bug as I will be leaving her for a week. Tonight Ron and I venture to the East Coast with his 8th graders for our Spring Break Trip. You can see the updates on our trip by going to Ron promises to post every few hours!

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