Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Everyone's sick!

but me!!!! Poor Ron he has a fever/cold and Libi is having allergy problems. Her poor eyes and nose are running non-stop and all she wants to do is cuddle. Due to all the sickies I had to care for we canceled all activities today.In the evening I looked up and found Libi looking like she was wearing a bikini top. She put her arm through the bottom of her shirt.At first I thought I was going to have to cut her out of the shirt until I realized what she had done.

After Ron went up to bed Miss Libs and I were cuddling while she was "fixing" my hair. During this process she moved my shirt off my shoulder and noticed my bra strap. When she saw it she said, "Seat belt Mommy" and proceeded to try to get the harness off my shoulder. I guess my black delicates look like her carseat seat-belt-- Oh well!!!

I was talking with my Mom on the phone hashing out the details for their visit this weekend and I used the phrase, "That's the master plan!" Libi hearing this decided it would make a good song and began singing, "Master plan, master plan!" So silly!!!

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