Thursday, April 2, 2009

Great Granparent Lunch

We normally visit Nana and Pop on Wednesday but this week we changed our day to Thursday.They had a new huge coloring pad for Libs to enjoy. Pop even helped her draw a Christmas tree.Nana made this difficult because she hid crayons from Libi. Sadly Libi didn't want to share her crayons so the only way Nana could draw was to hide some from Libs.Today Libs did lots with Pop! They rode her tricycle, went outside to explore, and picked a flower together. Libs looked like she belonged at a garden party with her hand-me-down dress from Cousin Bridget, her white cardigan and her pink Spring hat.
When it was time for lunch Libi decided to bake with Nana. She pulled out some "bowls" and filled them with "sugar" to make "cookies!" Nana has decided that she will need locks on her lower cabinets now.After a nice visit we went home for a nap before Jammy and Granpa came into town!

We are pleased to announce that Libi is now officially going to attend Santa Clarita Little People Preschool in the Fall! Ron and I went to fill out her paperwork this afternoon! We are so excited that she has a place at this great school!

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