Friday, April 24, 2009

A cloudy Friday...

Today we went to music class-- it is Friday of course! When we got there Libi welcomed Miss Moira with a hearty "Hello Miss Moira!" then she informed her "I'm Libi!"-- as if she could forget my Miss Libs!!! Libi strummed away on the guitar today when it was her turn! She is so musically gifted :)As part of the "10 Fingers" song Miss Moira added a 10 toes section and she used Libi as the model. Libi was more than happy to oblidge! We sang "Old Joe" using zoo animals and puppets. This has been Libi's favorite song from the new lesson plan and we sing it all the time. I have spent many hours in the car changing the song for family members, friends, animals, and any other object Libi thinks of. She is really helping me to brush up on my improvising!!The "Camel Dance" was next on our list-- also known as the "Na-Na Song" (I can sing it for you later!) Libi began holding the scarves just like she was supposed to until....she caught sight of herself in the mirror and then...we lost her to the mirror for the rest of the song. At least she wiggled and swayed to the duple and triple meter beat!During instrumentation time Libs grabbed.... what else??? The lollipop drum!Libi has been really into hugging all of her friends lately. Today after a big hug for Miranda we headed home for lunch!

Libi and I had a brief stay at home before we hit the road for my OBGYN appointment. Ron met us there and traded cars so he could bring the sleeping Libi home.When I came home from my appointment this is what I found--- two sleeping cuties!!! I'm now enjoying the silence before a Mom's night out tonight at Chili's with the ladies from my Mom's Club. Ron will enjoy an evening out with his sister and Libs will watch the chihuahua movie with Grammy and Grampy!

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