Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pioneer Club Sunday

On Sunday we went to VUMC for a Pioneer Club event.It's so hard to find something church appropriate that goes with a bright red nautical t-shirt! This had to do for the moment-- a black and white skirt paired with black knee socks and black shoes.The kids had to sing three songs at each of the services. The Skippers were quite enthusiastic during the first set, but during the second time around they lost a little of their spunk!
Libi gave a good show at each performance-- dancing and singing her little heart out.

The first song they did was called "Thy Word"-- it is the song they have been woking at the longest so it is by far the one they perform the best.

This next recording is only the intro of their second song, but Libs was busting such moves that I couldn't resist posting it.

The last song they did was "Yes Lord" and it has a great beat!

It was a fun event!

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