Thursday, April 9, 2009

Coming home!

Part 1: Heather and RonOn our last day we still had lots of stops to make before nearly 13 hours of travel! Our first tour was of Ford's Theater.While we waited for our ticket time the kids got to go to some of D.C.'s finest gift shops and street vendors. They were all aching to get their hands on these brightly colored sweatshirts that every other 8th grader in town were wearing. Once we made it inside we were a little sad to learn that the basement museum was still not open. We heard a park ranger talk about the night that Lincoln was shot and then we went across the street to Peterson House where Lincoln died.We had a little more time to fill before our Archive's tour so Ron took the kids to the North Lawn of the White House. If you look in the foreground you will see a chef and some other staffers talking about the Egg Roll that was happening this weekend.I didn't walk down with them-- I stayed in the bus and called home. I accidentally fell asleep the night before without calling home to check in, so I thought I would take the time to give a short call. As I expected, everyone was fine but it was nice to give them updates on what we had been doing!The Archives are one of my favorite places to go! Ron forbad kids to use their cameras inside due to the high level of security around these documents. He did steal my camera to take some amazing shots to share with the kids!Our final stop was lunch in the Old Post Office Buidling. The kids loved that there were shops too so they could spend more of their money. Their favorite find was a cheap electronics store that sold them a bag of stuff for $20. If they brought friends in they got more junk for free, so the kids were swarming to this place. Later one of the girls asked me if I thought the stuff was stolen since it was such a good value. I told her that it probably wasn't stolen but that it also wasn't the highest quality mercandise ever!Dulles was our last stop in D.C. and just like our trip out, Delta made it a hassle! We really just wanted to get home and see all of our families so we put up with the stress!

Part 2: LibiGranpa had a lunch meeting today so Jammy and Libi went to hang out at the mall. While they were there they took the opportunity to see Mr. Easter Bunny!Before they left the house they took these darling pictures-- it's so sweet to see how much Libi loves her grandparents!I love this picture!! She's smiling and happy and she even got Ariel in the picture!! The sweater she's wearing is a sweater she has worn the past three Easter's and it was purchased at the Disney Store years ago when I worked there!Here she is afterwards with her own bunny ears on! I'm so happy that meeting characters is no longer a stressful experience for her!

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