Thursday, April 30, 2009

Another trip to the Bob Baker Theater...

Today my MOPS and Mom's Club friends joined me for a visit to the theater to see "Something to Crow About."Despite the fact that Miss Libs was a little under the weather she still wanted to go see the puppets.As the families went into the theater I made them stop for a portrait-- luckily one of the moms took our photo.We were supposed to "share" the theater with a school group of 60 people.. luckily they canceled at the last minute! We were alone in the theater save for one family of four. Due to the small audience our kids got to see everything up close and personally. Libi was the first child that was sat upon by this Miss Goat puppet.

One of the funniest parts of the show came when this bunny appeared and painted everyone's nose with flavors. Notice how Libi was a bit tense, but she still thanked the bunny for painting her and the child behind her that crawled under the chair to avoid getting painted-- so funny!!!Here's another picture of Andrew hiding under the chair and Miss Libs rivited to the floor. She never moved even one iota of an inch during the entire hour and a half show.The show was a huge success-- everyone enjoyed the experience...especially the ice cream!!!! Libi chose strawberry over vanilla-- which made me a bit sad, but at least there was more vanilla for me!Hopefully a good rest will help her to feel better!

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