Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Day with Thomas the Tank Engine...

Today we went to Fillmore to meet up with the Strassner's and Thomas the Tank Engine.One of my friends from Mint Canyon got group rate tickets for the event so we were happy to tag along!There was so much to see in Fillmore-- lots of trains. Some big....and some little!They even had some model trains going in the museum. I told Libi that Granpa has trains like this, but she didn't believe me!Once Amy, Howard, Ben and Emma got there the fun really began!While waiting in line Emma and Libi danced...and Libi used Ron's camera to take some pictures from her perspective!Once we got on the train, Miss Libs was so excited!!!

She waved to everyone and said "Hello" to every car we passed.
She also created a new song, based on the Doodlebop's classic "Get On The Bus" it's called "Get On The Train!"While the ride wasn't long the day was quite tiring-- it was crowded and hot walking around.We had a really good experience for our first time on the Fillmore and Western Railway!For lunch we had an amazing Mexican meal at El Pescador, a little restaurant we pass everytime we go anywhere on 126. While we were finishing up our meal Libi turned her cups into figurines for a great story. She is way too much fun to watch especially when she's in her own world.

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