Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Drumming and Drama...

Today we had lunch with Nana and Pop. Nana keeps finding fun things for Libs to play with including the plastic figures of Mickey, Donald Quack Quack, and Grumpy that I used to play with as a child!The weather was so much nicer today than it has been all week so Libi and Pop spent a lot of time in the yard. When they came back Libi was carrying this beautiful flower with a giant black bug on it. Pop saved the day by taking it back to the great outdoors!Today Libi was most definately Pop's girl! They cuddled and watched Shaun the Sheep on my iPhone!Libi took her lollipop drum in to share with Nana-- she knew that Nana would let her play it as loud as she wanted!When we got home Libi and Tobee both took naps-- Libi was quicker to get upright than Tobee. I just thought this was totally funny!!! Tobee's legs hanging off the sofa and Libi saying, "Take a picture Mommy!"Tonight was one of the last 4 Skipper Clubs for the year! YIPPEE!!!! I guess I shouldn't be so excited, but it's been a long year!!! They practiced three songs for the Sunday services this week where Pioneer Clubs will be highlighted. The Skippers lost interest half way through the first song-- so it was a long beginning of club.Libi did bust out some awesome dance moves tonight though-- I guess if you lose interest in singing or doing the sign language for the songs the least you can do if rock it!!!!

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