Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

Today Daddy came home from work early so we could go to....DISNEYLAND!!!!! After a very long car ride due to some traffic (which Libi slept through) we got to the park a little after 3.We were so lucky to enter the park when we did because we were the last folks to get to see Mickey and Minnie together. You may notice Libi sitting on the floor-- she now does this with all the characters. It all began two trips ago when she met the princesses for the first time and they all sat to get to her level. Now she thinks that this is what you do when you see a character-- which makes it difficult for Mommy or Daddy to get in on the pictures :)Daddy got his pin, his gift card, and was wished "Happy Birthday" by everyone in the park-- even guests!!Libs had such a nice, long conversation with Mary Poppins that we missed seeing Tinkerbell. She never compained about it though-- I think she was just happy to be back in the Park!I waited in line for the princesses while Ron and Libi went on Small World together. Ron remarked later that this was the first ride he and Libi had gone on alone-- what better present could I give him?

Libi was thrilled to meet Cinderella for the first time. You should have seen her in line looking like she was going to explode from the anticipation!Daddy even got in on the act looking like the perfect Prince Charming-- until Libi came and crashed their party by grabbing Cindy's hand.

It was a great day to celebrate Ron's new year!

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