Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A day for Grammy

I thought I would give you a glimpse of what happens each morning when I take a shower--- Libi is instructed to stay on the "island" (our bed) to watch a movie of her choice while I jump in the shower. On this particular morning both Tobee and Libi peacefully coexisted on the bed-- usually Tobee swims off the island to escape her huggy sister.We met up with one of my MOPS friends at the park. I didn't take any pictures there because we were so busy talking about things that I plum forgot!! I did snap this one of my rosey cheeked girl after we got home. After an hour at the park in the heat we were both pretty tired!After nap time Libs got all spiffed up to go to Grammy's ceremony! The Wm. S. Hart Classified Union was honoring their members who had served the district for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 years! Cris was receiving her 10 year pin so the whole family (Ron, Andrea, Ron, Libi and I) decided to surprise her and show up for the award!Libi loved the sparkly necklace she got when she walked in the door and she had fun feeding Grampy...and Grammy food!When it was time for Cris to get her award, Ron insisted that she pose with the Superintendent-- just like he did when he got his Teacher of the Year Award a few years ago!We are so proud of Cris for all that she does for her students at Canyon High School!We took Grammy out for dinner at Claim Jumpers afterwards. Libi loved the spaghetti she ordered as well as eating off other people's plates!Daddy, Aunt Andrea and I all really enjoyed our dessert-- which couldn't fed an army! Gotta love Claim Jumper portions!!!!

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