Friday, April 17, 2009

Just one of those days...

This morning we went to music class. While we waited Libi spied on the fish that are inside the nail salon next to our studio.Libi was so excited to see her friend Wyatt-- she nearly hugged him to pieces!During the "Welcome Song" Libi gave it her all on the guitar...and then Miss Moira used her fingers for the "I Have 10 Fingers" song-- she loves being a model student!Libs wore her ladybug dress in anticipation for the..."Ladybug Song!!" Libi was so excited to use the finger puppets to go stacatto and legato with the song.We then drove off to lunch at Nana and Pop's house where Libi got a Coldstone cupcake all to herself!!! She enjoyed every bit of it-- especially the chocolate shell-- and amazingly she didn't make too big a mess.

Today Libi has had a real problem with listening! She has been testing her limits with Mommy to see just how far I will let her go-- and believe you and me I am tired from saying "NO!!"The real example of this today was this afternoon... Libi was coloring in her notebook from Grammy and Grampy when I stepped out of the room to load the dishwasher. I came back to find her coloring all over her hands and arms.Needless to say there was a timeout given and lots of tears shed-- by both Mommy and Libi! We both learned our lesson-- I won't leave the room again when she is coloring and she better not write on herself again!Grampy came over to watch Libi while Ron and I ran to Lowe's. We came back to find them doing horsey rides....and when the horsey got tired, Libi asked for donkey rides.Libi is so lucky to have such a fun Grampy and we are so lucky that he gave us a few minutes alone :)

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