Monday, April 6, 2009

Blowing through Pennsylvania

The week has now begun and Monday is busy for all of us!

Part 1: Heather and RonWe woke up early, had breakfast in the hotel and walked over to the mall. The kids were very dissapointed that it was the grassy kind of mall and not the shopping kind of mall.We were able to be the first in line to go through security to see the...Liberty Bell! It was nice to get down and see it without a huge crowd. I'm still sad that Libi (or these kids) will never be able to touch it like I did when I was a kid, but I guess that's a sign of the times.Jenny and I started taking one handed pictures early in the trip and the tradition continued inside the Independence Hall Visitors Center.We blew through the Constitution Center only stopping long enough to see the show and take some statue pictures. Ron picks someone different every year-- this year I think he chose based on looks because Richard Dobbs Spaight from North Carolina is a real looker!!!! Love the hair on both the men!After a few hours drive we were in Gettysburg. Our first stop was the actual cemetary where Lincoln delivered his famous Address.Ron gave a great speech too at the same site. Jenny took some video of it and I will hopefully grab it from her and post it later.We grabbed our hop-on guide for the battlefield tour. He had the kids march in formation.Out of all those kids here are the only ones to survive the first skirmish. Sadly they will have to fight on for two more days without their comrades.Ron wore his Civil War sweatshirt that he has had since high school. He wears it yearly for his Civil War lessons and our visit to Gettysburg. I must admit that it isn't one of my favorite fashion statements of his, but you gotta love his spirit!!The group posed for a picture in front of the Pennsylvania monument-- you may notice that Dennis and I aren't there we are searching for my two relatives names on the monument.Ron is explaining to the kids how 2 of my relative's names are on the monument. My great-great grandfathers both fought in the Civil War. One was from northern Pennsylvania and the other was from Philadelphia. Their regiments were side by side on the battlefield and they became friends. Years later their children (a son and a daughter) met up and married and they had my Grandmother Dorothy Harrigan. Ron is thrilled that Libi will have relatives who fought in the war due to me :)The kids had some fun in the gift shop before we hopped on the bus for D.C. I was very proud of Lucas for going against peer pressure and being the only boy to be a Union soldier!!!

Part 2: Libi

After a doctor's appointment for Granpa, the family went to Nana and Pop's for lunch.Nana brought out special dolls for Libi to play with.She loves dolls of any kind but these were really special!I had to share this picture from her dinner-- she loves her fruit! She loves it so much that she eats it down to the rind-- watermelon, canteloupe, even oranges and lemons-- we tell people that she likes the zest too!It's so nice that she's having so much fun with her grandparents!

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