Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

Since Pop was sleeping in the guest suite Ron and I were in Libi's room on the trundle beds and Libi was in with Jammy and Granpa.

Mom and I ran out for a little bit of shopping. Kohl's was slightly crazy-- here we are in the line that stretched half way around the store.

We met the boys at Velvet Grille for lunch.

It was fun to introduce Pop to one of our favorite Stockton haunts.

OK-- I know that I said we only did a little shopping, but this is what the trunk looked like when we were done :)

In the evening Jammy, Libi and I headed to Lathrop to see the Lights on the Farm.

The boys were fuddy duddies and they decided to stay home, but we enjoyed ourselves.

Our first order of business was to see Santa. Libi has requested that Mr. Claus bring her a Tangled dress-- I think he will oblige.

As a special treat Libi rode a pony across the grounds.

She was assisted by the littlest wrangler and Mommy was afraid taht she would fall off the horse-- but I'm happy to report that nothing bad happened.

They have tubing on the farm, but sadly? Libi is too small for it.

Instead of that dangerous activity-- we happily played in their snow.

Libi and I threw a few snowballs to Jammy-- for a photo op of course ;)

They have beautiful trees on the lot too.

One final snow throw...

then it was off to drive through the lights.

The display has gotten even better since last year.

I was happy that they also kept some of our favorite displays.

We totally love rainbow tunnel at the end!

It was a really fun night...

the boys missed out :)

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