Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Birthday?

The first day of my 33rd year dawned beautifully!!!

Libi got decked out in my favorite color...

and continued her job of head elevator button pusher :)

My one request on this trip was that we make it to my favorite restaurant of all time-- Cracker Barrel!

I simply love their breakfasts-- they have amazing biscuits, large portions, and the most yummy syrup ever!!!

Dad actually smiled for a picture-- he has inherited Nana's "I-don't-want-my-picture-taken-gene."

Libi wanted in on the photo, but she wouldn't look at the camera. Boo!

She gave me these golf tee "flowers" for my birthday, but then quickly took them back to play a game with Jammy.

While I ran to the shop Libi and Granpa "played" checkers.

There stores are always chock full of amazing gifts, clothes, and candy! I could wander around in there all day!

Libi is still a fan of the rocking chairs.

While sitting on the porch I got this amazing photo of Libi with Jammy-- two girls who really adore each other!

One final checkers move before we hit the road.

Pennsylvania in the fall is so pretty!

We decided to take a drive to see if we could catch some of the colors.

Our drive took us to Washington's Crossing.

For those of you who aren't history buffs: this is the location where General Washington and his men crossed the Delaware River into New Jersey to surprise the British during the American Revolution.

It is a neat place which looked even prettier...

with all the leaves on the ground.

They have a replica of the boats that were used for the crossing.

They also have a cannon...

which Libi wondered if it still worked.

There is a marker near the site of the crossing-- this picture was for our favorite history teacher, Daddy :)

I got a darling shot of my parents! LOVE!!!!

Libi found lots of sticks,

and leaves,

which she had to show to Jammy and Granpa!

In the visitor's center they have a few replicas of era clothing-- Libi was intrigued.

One final photo-stop at the statue for the crossing then we were off to a very special lunch!!!!

Only on your birthday do you get to eat ice cream for lunch :)

My favorite ice cream joint in the universe was closing this weekend, so we got here just in time!!!!

Happy Birthday to me indeed :)

Libi was really excited about the idea of eating ice cream for lunch...

her strawberry sundae hit the spot!

We had one final family dinner tonight and both Libi and I got gifts! Libs got a new digital camera and I got a few boxes of Tasty-Cakes to take home (thanks Aunt Linda and Uncle Mitch!)

My birthday cake was darling...

and yummy!!! It was only the second time in my life that I was with my PA family on my birthday so that was really special (the last time I was 2!)

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